Since when we are in this business, we aimed to get respect for our company and our country through our valued services and the quality products. Concept of respect for country emerges as we are dealing with clients over the sub-continents. This goes to the goal of up to the mark advancement in every field.

Sometimes it is hard to differentiate that we are a team or set of teams. We are business analysts, planning and management experts, engineers, geologists, chemists, miners, labors all the Gurus in their job and hard working enough to meet the hard targets and to achieve high goals. We made OMEN a legend in the country.

Being a minerals related manufacturing and trading company we have expertise in surveying, GIS, exploration of minerals, analyzing and testing, manufacturing of quick and hydrated lime, manufacturing of Rock salt related items and processing of different minerals for beneficiation, calcinations/burning etc.

We have vast experience in global trade as we have exported to 9 different countries in the different sub-continents of the world and continuously expanding our trade net. With our well experienced team and all the export related facilities available at Karachi we manage our export cargos for the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

With our state of the art infrastructure and the highly skilled and motivated team committed to quality of product and services, we believe for the highest level of satisfaction for our clients.