Corporate History

Summarizing our history in a single line, we started with mining and local supply, then manufacturing and then we entered into international trader in year 2011. We started our proceedings for prospecting licenses in Khushab district for the minerals Gypsum, Fireclay and Silica sand from the Mineral development department of Punjab province in year 2008.

After 3 years of mining and minerals trading venture we moved a step forward by entering into manufacturing line. We started processing of Quick lime at Warcha a town in the Khushab district. This lime was supplied to the Olympia Chemicals plant at warcha and also to other chemical and paper industries of the province.

The same year we performed our first export that was of Halite crystal salt and was for Turkey. We carried out our expansion and till the time we have successfully supplied 12 different commodities from minerals, gems and chemicals to our valued clients in 12 different countries in 3 Asia, Europe and Africa.

We have exported Halite, Food grade iodized table salt, Animal Licking Salt, Fluorspar, Gypsum, Magnesite, Mica, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, Quartz, Wood, Hydrated Lime, Bauxite, Lead ore and to United Kingdom, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Hong Kong, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Brunei Darussalam and Cameroun.

We have experience of mining of different minerals in different provinces of Pakistan. We started with Rock salt mining in Jehlum District of Punjab province. Our second mining proejct was in Loralai district on Fluorspar. Later on in Baluchistan we mined for Coal at Dukki (Loralai) and the Magnesite at Wadh (Khuzdar).