R & D

Without new research and the development related to your products and without improving them it is not possible to survive in the arena of 21st century. Same we realize and we always focus on this aspect. Making our products improved is the target that is never achieved, because the development has no end, and there is always space for betterment. But doing the best among all is our motto and that we always tried to practice.

For us R & D starts from mining operations and then it guides us in our manufacturing projects and finally we get benefit from it when we export our end products from our valued customers around the globe. This is a consistent process and benefiting from it we always did better than before.

We invite the investors and research organizations to join hand for research that leads to welfare of human beings and can pay a good return to investors. We have several projects feasibilities regarding beneficiation of minerals, processing of raw materials, gemstones value addition and projects regarding metallics and chemicals.

We also offer consultancy in establishing minerals, gemstones and chemicals business.