Corporate Profile

Pak Minerals was founded in year 2008 but afterward it was cited under the umbrella of the Omen (Pvt.) Ltd in 2011. It started its first operation in Khushab district of Punjab province of Pakistan on the minerals of the area. These minerals included Rock salt and silica sand. Currently the company is dealing in above 50 different types of minerals, Gems and Chemicals where having its operations not only covering different areas of country, but also it has developed strong trading relationships over the continents.

Our head office is located in the Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and a beautiful city having good climate. Our Head office not only manages the operations in different areas of the country but also provides an ease for buyers and traders to approach us especially for foreign companies.

Islamabad area is the convergence of the Pakistan-India and Eurasian tectonic plates and the collision between these plates began about 20 million years ago. The sedimentary rocks of the Islamabad area are named the Margalla Hills that are on edge of Pothohar Plateau. This area is the hub of different groups of rocks that are Surghar Group (Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous), Makarwal Group (Paleocene), Cherat Group (Lower Eocene), Rawalpindi Group (Miocene), Siwalik Group (Neogene and Pleistocene) and the Surficial Units (Pleistocene and Holocene).

Our company is run by a team of competent, sincere and hardworking staff who busy round the clock in entertaining not only the domestic buying requests but also the requirements from our international buyers. In a very short span of time we have started exporting our goods to the countries of Asia, Europe and Africa.

In Pakistan the mining system is not as advanced as in the developed countries. In spite of this great hindrance, our R & D department is making every effort to maintain quality of work and the supply quantity, and is satisfying the international importers beyond their expectations.

Our company’s operations are divided into five departments:

- Administration and Accounts Department
- Mining, Excavation and Purchase Department
- Manufacturing, R & D, and Quality Control Department
- Sales and Marketing Department
- IT Department